Configure Disk using DiskPart and Powershell in Windows Server 2008 R2

It been a while now, have been a bit “tied up.”
In today’s post we will take a look at a script that would help configure drive using DiskPart and Powershell on Windows Server 2008 R2. Before I started writing the script I tried searching online, did find a few of them. But it would work on a few and fail on a few randomly.
So I sat down and decided to write something that work on all of them. Even though the title says Windows Server 2008 R2 it works on Windows Server 2012 R2.
Here is the Script, it takes 4 Mandatory Input – DriveSize (In GB), DriveLetter, DriveType (GPT or MBR), Label


# Set Log Path
$Path = "C:\Logs\DiskConfig"

# Check Log Path exists and Create if it does not
If(-not(Test-Path -Path $Path))
 New-Item -Path $Path -ItemType Directory -Force | Out-Null

# Start Logging
Start-Transcript -Path "$Path\Log-$DriveLetter-Drive.txt"
Write-Output "Check Requested Drive Size"

# Confirm DiskSize is NOT Zero
If ($DriveSize -ne 0){
 Write-Output "Requested Drive Size is $DriveSize"
 # Confirm DiskType is GPT or MBR
 If (($DriveType -eq "GPT") -or ($DriveType -eq "MBR")){
 Write-Output "Listing All Drives"

 $dpscript = @"
 list disk

 # Run Diskpart with list disk and Save the output into an array
 [array]$Temp = $dpscript | diskpart

 # Get all the lines starting with the word Disk into an array
 ForEach ($Line in $Temp){
 If ($Line.StartsWith(" Disk")){
 [array]$Disks += $Line

 # Get Total Number of Disk
 $DiskCount = $Disks.Count

 # Get DiskNumber, Size etc for each Disk into an Array
 For ($i=1;$i -le ($Disks.count-1);$i++){
 $currLine = $Disks[$i]
 $currLine -Match " Disk (?<disknum>...) +(?<sts>.............) +(?<sz>.......) +(?<fr>.......) +(?<dyn>...) +(?<gpt>...)" | Out-Null
 $DiskObj = New-Object PSObject
 Add-Member -InputObject $DiskObj -MemberType NoteProperty -Name "DiskNumber" -Value $Matches['disknum'].Trim()
 Add-Member -InputObject $DiskObj -MemberType NoteProperty -Name "Status" -Value $Matches['sts'].Trim()
 Add-Member -InputObject $DiskObj -MemberType NoteProperty -Name "Size" -Value $Matches['sz'].Trim()
 Add-Member -InputObject $DiskObj -MemberType NoteProperty -Name "Free" -Value $Matches['fr'].Trim()
 Add-Member -InputObject $DiskObj -MemberType NoteProperty -Name "Dyn" -Value $Matches['dyn'].Trim()
 Add-Member -InputObject $DiskObj -MemberType NoteProperty -Name "Gpt" -Value $Matches['gpt'].Trim()
 [array]$DiskResults += $DiskObj

 # Check each Disk and Get DiskNumber that of requested size and offline
 Foreach ($DiskResult in $DiskResults){
 if($DiskResult.Size -eq "$DriveSize GB"){
 Foreach ($Disk in $DiskResult){
 # Check each Disk that is either offline or online and Free Disk space matches the requested Disk Size
 if(($Disk.Status -eq 'offline')-or($Disk.Status -eq 'online')-and($Disk.Free -eq "$DriveSize GB")){
 $DiskNum = $Disk.DiskNumber

 # Ensure that the DiskNumber is not Disk 0 which would be OS Disk
 Write-Output "Verifying if selected disk is OS Disk (Disk 0)"
 If($DiskNum -ne 0){
 # Create Diskpart Answer file
 Write-Output "Selected disk is Disk $DiskNum"
 Write-Output "Generating Answer file for Diskpart - $DriveLetter Drive"
 New-Item -Path "$Path\$DriveLetter-Drive.txt" -ItemType file -force | OUT-NULL
 ADD-CONTENT -Path "$Path\$DriveLetter-Drive.txt" -Value "SELECT DISK $DiskNum"
 ADD-CONTENT -Path "$Path\$DriveLetter-Drive.txt" -Value "ONLINE DISK NOERR"
 ADD-CONTENT -Path "$Path\$DriveLetter-Drive.txt" -Value "ATTRIBUTES DISK CLEAR READONLY"
 ADD-CONTENT -Path "$Path\$DriveLetter-Drive.txt" -Value "CONVERT $DriveType NOERR" 
 ADD-CONTENT -Path "$Path\$DriveLetter-Drive.txt" -Value "CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY" 
 ADD-CONTENT -Path "$Path\$DriveLetter-Drive.txt" -Value "FORMAT FS=NTFS LABEL='$Label' QUICK" 
 ADD-CONTENT -Path "$Path\$DriveLetter-Drive.txt" -Value "ASSIGN LETTER=$DriveLetter"
 Write-Output "Answer File for Diskpart generated Successfully"
 Write-Output "Running Diskpart with Answer File"
 # Run Diskpart with the Answer file generated as input
 DISKPART /S "$Path\$DriveLetter-Drive.txt"
 Write-Output "Drive Configuration Completed Successfully"
 Write-Output "Selected disk is Disk $DiskNum which is OS Disk. No additional disk available."
 Write-Output "Invalid DriveType - Requested DriveType is $DriveType - Skipping Drive Configuration"
Write-Output "Requested Drive Size is $DriveSize - Skipping Drive Configuration"

Here is the script in action..


!! Preenesh

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